What is The Aesthetic Directory?

Let me tell you where you are.

The Aesthetic Directory (TAD) is a journal that exhibits and promotes work that is unconventional and playful – the strange and the unorthodox – reflective and exploratory in its form just as much as its content.

It's a project, one that I am passionate about. It stems from my love for experimental literature and extends across a variety of media. In its pages you will find a growing list of works generated by artists, designers and writers from all over the world. Its objective? To collate works over a 12-month period and publish them in a rich, colourful hardback, connected linearly by my thoughts and reflections on the works themselves, those that created them and the lessons I have learned as an aspiring publisher throughout. After those 12 months, the theme resets and I begin again. 

Digitally, and up until the publication date, I openly exhibit the visual works in the gallery, which hosts both graphic and [un]conventional art pieces. The journal publishes the writing of one author on the 1st of every month. If you would like your work to be considered for any or each of these, please go to the submissions page. There are no guidelines. ​

​I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you have any questions about the future of the project or any of the work you find, please do get in contact.

​That is all.