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Kind Every Choice

Kind Every Choice

Kind Every Choice is one of two "dreamscapes" written by Samuel Verdin and designed by Jonathon Davison.


Using OULIPIAN procedures, words were pulled from one of Sigmund Freud's 1915-17 lectures in Vienna, The Premisses and Technique of Interpretation, which looks at the interpretation of dreams. The text was then manipulated, creating spaces in the once conventional text in an attempt to replicate that ever-expanding voidlike quality of dream recall in the first few moments of waking up. 

  • Dimensions: Print: 64 x 40 cm / Frame: 77.7 x 53.7 cm

    Frame: Hamburg, Profile 20 mm (Black Oak) with Passe-Partout (White)

    Paper: Kodak Pro Endura matte

    Glass: Float glass matte