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1. The "Goes Without Saying" Section

The Aesthetic Directory maintains a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any nasties out there. So, I will not publish, facilitate or promote any work that is in any way discriminatory, aggressive or attacking to someone else or their community. 



2. General Stuff

(A) The Aesthetic Directory withholds the right to remove any content on the website at any time, within fair reason. If that effects you or your work then you will be notified of the reasons why prior to it being removed. 


(B) The Aesthetic Directory will never use anything you have submitted  without your explicit permission and involvement.  

(C) I love you, so I will not spoil you. Submitting something does not guarantee it will be accepted or used for any of TAD's projects.

(D) If your submission to The Aesthetic Directory has been accepted elsewhere before you hear back from me, please inform me immediately so I can take it out of the running. 



3. Journal

(A) I try to keep the journal free from rules and regulations. It is a place for experimental literature, after all. For some basic stuff, check out the submissions page.  

(B) Upon publication, The Aesthetic Directory claims volume and digital rights to the piece(s) featured in the journal.


What do I do with these rights? I host the literature online in the journal online until the annual collection is completed (October - October) - after that, I produce an anthology of the year's journal features and publish it both in print and digitally.  

(C) Once the first anthology has been published (due Xmas 2021), I will provide a list of retailers here.



4. Gallery

 (A) The Aesthetic Directory acquires the right to publish accepted submissions to the gallery and keep them there indefinitely. However, we respect you and your work - if you need us to remove your work so that you may use it elsewhere, please contact us and we can sort something out.   

(B) Similar to the journal, The Aesthetic Directory also acquires the right to use any work featured in the gallery in future promotional materials and collections, including anthologies and live exhibitions. 



5. Money

(A) As of yet, I cannot afford to pay those who have their work accepted anywhere across this journal, unless it is through anthology sales. When this changes, I will shout about it. Believe me.    

(B) Anthology Royalties: More information will be found here closer to the publication date of the anthology (around Xmas 2021), but please know that I fully intend to pay out royalties on every item sold to everybody featured within the anthology, I just don't have the figures yet! 

(C) The Aesthetic Directory is not obligated to register as any form of company or pay any tax until it starts to generate over a certain amount of revenue. So, if you are looking for anything in that area, there is nothing to be found.